(August 30, 2019 – New York, NY) The management team of Project YX, Rafael Ortiz, Sara Hirsch, and Sathappan Subramanian are joining forces with industry leaders Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen, with the acquisition of Hudson and Allen’s content driven e-commerce platform, Editorialist. The newly launched Editorialist YX fuses proprietary intelligent wardrobe technology with preeminent fashion editorial to centralize one’s personal styling, fashion content, and shopping in one seamless digital experience.

Editorialist YX’s two new business units are its content arm, Editorialist Magazine, and its membership service Editorialist YX Private Client.

Editorialist Magazine

Editorialist YX will maintain Editorialist’s reputation as a luxury fashion authority featuring unique content and digital boutique exclusives with brands such as Chanel and Cartier, while expanding its capabilities with Project YX’s unparalleled app-based experience that meld the best elements of iOS apps and machine learning technology to provide a luxury service that takes care of all aspects of acquiring, managing, and curating luxury fashion.

Editorialist YX Private Client

With the Editorialist YX experience, one’s wardrobe undergoes a comprehensive phase of digitization allowing a personal stylist to manage existing pieces while integrating a customized assortment of new designer pieces to integrate into personally-curated looks. One’s complete wardrobe, personal styling, and inspirational content are captured in one touchpoint, combing for an elevated experience that masters digital curation in all its forms.

Editorialist YX offers two-tiered membership opportunities in which individuals will pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service-oriented app. The memberships offer variations of wardrobe support that include: a personalized calendar so that one can seamlessly synchronize their wardrobe for everything from vacations to professional events, curated outfit recommendations, instant purchasing capabilities across all ecommerce sites in one environment, a closet analysis with synthesized statistics allowing members to address wardrobe needs with instant precision, and lastly, top editorial content tapping into the hottest and latest trends.

The leadership team is a powerhouse of talent; Project YX Founder and CEO, Rafael Ortiz, co-founded NexTag which became the largest comparison-shopping site for products and services, and sold for $1.2 billion in 2007. Sathappan Subramanian was NexTag’s VP of Engineering where he led a 100 person team. Sara Hirsch, who started Project YX with Ortiz, will remain VP of Private Client Development, while Editorialist Co-Founder, Kate Davidson Hudson, will become Editorialist YX Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, and Hudson’s Editorialist Founding Partner, Stefania Allen, is named Co-Founder & VP of Editorialist YX Private Client.

Editorialist YX CEO, Ortiz, explains, “We’re thrilled to welcome Kate and Stefania onto our team, allowing us to expand our capabilities and create an innovative platform that fully addresses the needs of the luxury consumer in a markedly digital landscape. Working directly with skilled professionals who understand you and the ever-evolving industry trends, is the greatest luxury of all. I have no doubt that fusing the dynamic qualities of Project YX and Editorialist will provide even greater value to the private client shopper of luxury goods.”

Hudson explains, “Innovation and the luxury experience have always been core to Editorialist’s DNA. We’ve understood, for a long time, that technology will be the lever to power us into the next frontier of retail and media. We could not be more thrilled to find a first-in-class partner in Project YX, as we marry the best in technological development and foresight with the heritage of preeminent content and styling the Editorialist team has cultivated over the past six-and-a-half years. Disruption is only the start of change we endeavor to bring to the market, our readers and clients, with the launch of Editorialist YX.”

Editorialist YX is headquartered in Silicon Valley and maintains offices in New York City and New Delhi.


Press Contact:
Allison Katz, Krupp Group