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Acquiring a wardrobe is easy. Managing it isn’t.

At one time or another, we all find ourselves looking at our closets with a sense of frustration — about everything we own, and how little of it we actually wear. From knowing what you have to curating outfits for every occasion, to staying on top of the latest designers and trends, to sourcing sustainable solutions for retiring well-loved pieces that lessen the environmental impact of fashion: even with the luxury of a dedicated staff, it’s a lot of moving parts.

That’s why I started Project YX: to simplify a complicated process and make it easier and more efficient for our members to enjoy their wardrobes every day.

Our innovative platform and suite of services combines proprietary technology that’s only available to our members with unparalleled personal attention to give you the best selection and curation of styles that are just right for you.

We’ve curated our team just as thoughtfully, because we believe that working directly with skilled professionals who understand you, know your preferences, and respect your privacy is the greatest luxury, and increasingly rare in today’s world.

Welcome to Project YX: intelligent wardrobe luxury.

Rafael Ortiz,
Founder, Project YX